BAKE CHEESE TART "Chocolate cheese tart"

Valentine's limited "Chocolate Cheese Tart" will be on sale on January 12th at each "BAKE CHEESE TART" store specializing in freshly baked cheese tarts. From the sub-brand "THE CHEESE SOUFFLE by BAKE CHEESE TART", "Chocolate Cheese Souffle" will be released on January 18th.

"Chocolate Cheese Tart" and "Chocolate Cheese Souffle" are a collaboration with the Japanese Bean to Bar chocolate brand "Minimal -Bean to Bar Chocolate-". Original chocolate is used only for this product, based on cocoa beans from Belize, Central America, which is well-balanced with cheese.

For this product, we select from cacao beans from various production areas and pursue the best balance through trial and error, such as adjusting the roasting of cacao beans in units of 1 ° C (33.8 ° F) per minute. You can enjoy the nutty flavor, the firm cacao feeling, and the mellow taste aged like wine.

"Chocolate cheese tart" is characterized by its crispy and mellow texture. It is made by "double baking", in which a tart cup using black cocoa is baked once, filled with cheese mousse mixed with Minimal's original chocolate, and baked again. The price is 300 yen (tax included) per piece.

BAKE CHEESE TART "Chocolate cheese tart"

"Chocolate cheese souffle" is the first flavored product of the sub-brand "THE CHEESE SOUFFLE by BAKE CHEESE TART" launched in September 2020. When you put it in your mouth, the chocolate melts slowly, and you can enjoy the contrast with the light acidity of cheese and the fluffy texture. The price is 1,490 yen (tax included) for 4 pieces.

THE CHEESE SOUFFLE by BAKE CHEESE TART "Chocolate cheese souffle"

"Chocolate cheese tart" and "chocolate cheese souffle" are available at all BAKE CHEESE TART stores in Japan, BAKE THE ONLINE.