First "Afternoon Tea Set" at Godiva Cafe


"Afternoon Tea Set" at Godiva Cafe The first "Afternoon Tea Set" at GODIVA cafe will be available at GODIVA cafe Futakotamagawa on January 26, 2023. The set will feature new sweets developed especially for this occasion under the supervision of Godiva's Executive Chef Chocolatier / Patissier Yannick Chevorot.

Afternoon Tea Set" product description

Top row

・ Macaroon with chocolate dip (raspberry, lemon, vanilla)
・ Chocolate lemon tart
・ Soda jelly with cocoa fruit sauce

First "Afternoon Tea Set" at Godiva Cafe
Image for 2 persons

Chocolate shell with chocolate mousse and mandarin orange jelly
・ Mini ganache tarts with mango sauce
・ Tiramisu cannele
・ Chocolate waffle cup with mascarpone frosting

First "Afternoon Tea Set" at Godiva Cafe
Image for 2 persons

Bottom row

・ Smoked salmon and ricotta cheese canape
・ Pink pepper mustard and tuna canape
・ Takana tapenade and egg canape

First "Afternoon Tea Set" at Godiva Cafe
Image for 2 persons



layered with cream cheese flavored mousse accented with a hint of saltiness, wrapped in a pink cup and decorated with heart-shaped blonde


. The fragrance of the blonde chocolate, the bittersweetness of the honey, and the salty mousse are perfectly balanced to create a deep and profound flavor.

Cool Noir with Red Heart (bottom left

): Deep dark chocolate ganache coated with rich dark chocolate.

Cool Blanc (bottom right

): Smooth hazelnut praline coated with mild white chocolate.

3 pieces of bulk chocolate
Image is for 1 person

Seasonal products are available in limited quantities and will be replaced by regular chocolate granules as soon as they are gone.


choice of coffee, tea, or herbal tea with cacao husk.

First "Afternoon Tea Set" at Godiva Cafe
Image for 2 persons

Afternoon Tea Set" price, sales period, and stores handling the set

Price: 5,500 yen per person (minimum order of 2 people)
Sales period: From January 26, 2023
*Offered only from 2pm-6pm
*Limited to 10 servings per day, first-come, first-served (no reservations)
Stores handling the


: GODIVA cafe Futakotamagawa Store (Tokyo) Terrace Market 2F, Futako Tamagawa Rise Shopping Center, 1-14-1 Tamagawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo)