Lloyds "Pistersh Chocolat"

Valentine's Day products are on sale for a limited time and in limited quantities from January 6th at Lloyds mail order and Lloyds retail stores. Introducing special chocolates and baked goods that can only be tasted once a year.

・ Praline chocolate [Selection of famous sake]
Praline chocolate using four unique sakes (Hennessy XO, Myers Rum, Marolo Grappa di Barolo 20 years, Port Charlotte) carefully selected from all over the world. Milk chocolate is used for the ganache inside to enhance the taste of Western liquor. The price is 900 yen (excluding tax, the same applies below).

Royce's "Praline Chocolat [Sake Selection]"

・ Pistachio chocolate
A product that mixes two types of pistachio, deep roasted pistachio and salted pistachio, with a fragrant and rich pistachio cream, and blends it into milk chocolate that melts in your mouth. Cut it to the desired thickness, and the smooth pistachio cream and plenty of pistachio will make your face look expressive. Enjoy the taste of pistachio. The price is 1,200 yen.

Lloyds "Pistersh Chocolat"

・ Royce's cacao macaroons [6 pieces]
A cocoa-based macaron sandwiched with bitter-tasting ganache cream in a tasty cocoa dough. The finish is wrapped in fragrant chocolate with a high cacao content. The price is 1,250 yen. 702 yen including tax for 3 pieces.

Lloyds cacao macaroons

・ Graham chocolate cookie
The dough using oatmeal and whole wheat flour is fragrantly baked, and one side is coated with chocolate with a mellow taste. You can enjoy a combination of cookie and chocolate with a crispy texture accented with salt. The price is 600 yen.

Lloyds "Graham Chocolate Cookies"

・ Lloyds Sweet Assortment [17 pieces]
An assortment of Valentine's-only flavors such as Royce's chocolate and Graham chocolate cookies. The price is 1,250 yen.

Lloyds Sweet Assortment

・ Pure chocolate [sweet & milk]
A combination of "sweet", which has a refreshing taste that harmonizes sourness and bitterness, and "milk", which has a well-balanced finish that makes the best use of the taste of cacao and milk. The popular taste of pure chocolate is wrapped in an elegant ribbon-designed wrapping paper. The price is 830 yen.

Lloyds "Pure Chocolate [Sweet & Milk]"

As part of the "Lloyd's Valentine's Day 2021 Early Discount Campaign", if you purchase more than 7,000 yen including tax (shipping and handling fees) per destination at the Lloyd's official online shop, you will get 5% off the product price. If you order by phone, fax, or postcard, you will get 3% off the product price under the same conditions. Royce's ice cream, liquor, assorted products including liquor, skin care products, handbags, gift plastic bags, and cold storage bags are not eligible for the campaign.

Lloyds Valentine's Day 2021 Early Discount Campaign

The target order period is from January 6th to January 25th. The desired delivery date is from January 9th to February 1st.