Ladurée Valentine Collection
(All images are sourced from the official Ladurée website)


It was announced on the official website that LADURÉE has launched its Valentine's Day collection for 2023. The "Mon chou" themed macaron box, which means "my darling" in French, will include "Chocolat Pure Origin," "Chocolat Macaron Ispahan Almonie," and "Langues de Châteaux Duchesses.


choux" limited edition macaron boxes include a six-piece box with a large heart in the center and a nine-piece macaron box with Ladurée's iconic patisserie "religieuse" and hearts scattered throughout the box. From early February 2023, a box of 8 macaroons and a box of 12 macaroons will also be available.

Both products will be available at all Ladurée stores. Prices are as follows. All prices include tax.

Macarons 6 pieces 2,970 yen
・ Macarons 8 pieces 3,888 yen
・ Macarons 9 pieces 4,320 yen
・ Macarons 12 pieces 5,616 yen

Ladurée "Mon choux
Mon choux

Chocolat Pure

Origin "Chocolat Pure Origin" is an assortment of macarons with ganache made from six kinds of cacao.

The price is 5,400 yen for a set of 12 macaroons, which will be available from early February 2023.

Chocolat Macaron Ispahan


"Chocolat Macaron Ispahan Armonie" is a chocolate limited to Japan. Two of Ladurée's iconic patisseries are expressed in the form of chocolates. The price is 3,132 yen for 4 pieces.

Ladurée "Chocolat macarons Ispahan armonie
Chocolat, Macaroon, Ispahan, Armonie

Langues de Chat


"Langues de Chat Duchesse" features a pastel green box depicting Duchesse, an adorable white cat, gently pampering the Ladurée crown logo.

The 190g (6.7oz) package is priced at 3,132 yen.

LADURÉE "Langues de chat Duchesse
Langue de chat Duchesse