Lecomte "White Day"
(* All images are from the official website of Lecomte)

Lecomte's "White Day" recommended sweets are announced on the official website. Introducing babies and swan-shaped cookies such as "Biscuit Decore".

The contents and selling prices of each are as follows. All notations include tax.

Biscuit decor

Lecomte "White Day"

"Biscuit Decore" is an icing cookie with the motif of the cream puff, the rat-shaped "Sourie" and the swan-shaped "Swan", which are representative of Lecomte. A lovely gift for White Day, looking out of a pale-tone casket. The selling price is 735 yen for a set of two.

Assorted baked sweets in an oval box

Lecomte "White Day"

"Assorted baked confectionery in an oval box" is an assortment of "fruit cake" and baked confectionery in a graceful pale oval box. You can choose the color of the box from blue and purple. The selling price is as follows.

・ 4 pieces 1,448 yen ・ 8 pieces 2,625 yen

Coffret Petit Four Sec

Lecomte "White Day"

"Coffret Petit Foursek" is an assortment of Lucte's hidden popular items, Petit Foursek.

Looking at the contents, "Sable Parisian" is characterized by a vanilla scent and a crispy texture. "Sable Fromage" is a salty sable where you can enjoy the aroma of sesame and the richness of cheese. "Coconut Macaroon" is a baked confectionery with a coconut flavor and a light texture. "Sable Parisian Chocolat" is a new work, characterized by the bitterness of cacao, a bitter texture, and a slightly salty taste.

There are two types of cans, "vanilla" with a gentle texture and "gold" with elegance. You can choose according to your taste. The selling price is 2,052 yen. The sale period is from February 1st to March 14th.

Cake chocolate cut

Lecomte "White Day"

"Cake Chocolat Cut" is a pound cake that you can enjoy the bitterness of chocolate and orange peel and the scent of orange liqueur "Grand Marnier". You can enjoy a moist and rich taste.

Normally, one bottle is sold only at the Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi store, but each store sells individual wrapping that is easy to eat and cut only during Valentine's Day and White Day. The selling price is 303 yen. The sale period is from February 1st to March 14th.

"Fruitcake cut / cake chocolate cut assortment" is also available at a selling price of 2,722 yen.

Cranberry financier

Lecomte "White Day"

"Cranberry Financier" is a tailoring that goes well with the aroma of butter and the acidity of cranberries. It is baked into a cute heart shape. The selling price is 303 yen. The sale period is from March 1st to March 14th.
"Fruitcake cut cranberry financier assortment" is also available at a selling price of 3,024 yen.


Lecomte "White Day"

"Macaroons" are an assortment of 5 types: chocolate, vanilla, pistachios, framboise, and lemon. Normally, limited edition items only available at the Hiroo main store are sold at each store only during White Day.
The selling price is as follows.

・ 5 pieces 1,458 yen ・ 10 pieces 2,592 yen

All are available at the Lecomte Hiroo Main Store, Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi Store, Shibuya Store (in Shibuya Scramble Square), and the official online store. However, macaroons are sold only at stores.