Linz "Linz Melty Hot Chocolat Drink"

At each Linz Chocolat boutique & cafe, you can enjoy the richest chocolate taste in the history of the Linz brand, "Lintz Melty Hot Chocolat Drink", "Lintz Delise 85%, 99% cacao", where you can enjoy the richness and umami of cacao, and rich chocolate. The melting "Fondant o Chocolat" will be on sale for a limited time from October 18th.

Linz Melty Hot Chocolat Drink

Linz "Linz Melty Hot Chocolat Drink"

A hot chocolate drink that is perfect for this season, where you can enjoy the mellow scent of cacao, smoothness, and elegant sweetness by luxuriously using Ecuadorian couverture chocolate as the base of the drink. It is characterized by the delicate melting of chocolate, which is unique to Linz, who invented the world's first technology called "continging" that realizes the smoothness of chocolate. In addition, we are particular about Japanese ingredients and use "Yukishio" from Miyakojima and "Honwakasu" from Okinawa. It is a cup that has been carefully selected from high-quality materials and is particular about every detail.

For the chocolate drink topping, we use chocolate copo, which is made by shaving three types of chocolate: Ecuadorian couverture chocolate and milk / white chocolate. You can enjoy the texture of the topping with the chocolate softly placed on it, and you can enjoy the richer taste by dissolving the chocolate copo in the drink. It is the thickest and smoothest chocolate drink in Linz history, where the drink and chocolate copo blend together.

The price is 780 yen (tax included, same below). The sale period is from October 18th to January 6th, 2022.

Linz Delice 85%, 99% cacao

Linz "Linz Delise 85%, 99% cacao"

Macaroons sandwiched with ganache made from Linz chocolate. "Delise" is a product name that means "very delicious" and "great joy" in French.

Along with the launch of Melty Hot Chocolat Drink, the popular "Linz Delice 85% Cacao" and "Linz Delice 99% Cacao" will reappear for a limited time. It is a dish that you can enjoy the richness and umami of cacao unique to Linz, a premium chocolate brand.

The price is 302 yen. The sale period is from October 18th to January 6th, 2022. Not available at outlets.

Fondant o Chocolat

Linz "Fondant o Chocolat"

"Fondant o Chocolat", which uses plenty of two kinds of rich chocolate with different Linz, is a chocolate dessert that is blissful for chocolate lovers, where chocolate ganache overflows from the dough when warmed. It is also recommended as a small reward for yourself in the cold season or as a cafe time with your loved ones. This year, not only eat-in, but also two boxed sets that you can take home or take home as a gift will be available.

The price is 600 yen for one eat-in and 1,200 yen for two take-outs. The online shop sells 4 pieces for 3,600 yen (including shipping and tax). The sale period is from October 18th to March 31st, 2022. Some stores do not support eat-in.