Kura Sushi "Amabie-san Maki"

At each Kura Sushi store, "Amabie-san Maki", an ehomaki with plenty of "Amabie", is available for pre-order from January 4th to February 2nd. The price is 378 yen (tax included, same below). The product will be delivered on February 2nd.

This year, "February 2" is setsubun for the first time in 124 years. In Kura Sushi, "Amabie-san Maki" is newly introduced to pray for the end of the new coronavirus and the blessing of good luck. Amabie, which is said to be beneficial for the elimination of the plague, uses plenty of pink shrimp, which has a thick texture and a rich sweetness.

Kura Sushi "Amabie-san Maki"
Amabie volume

By mixing sweet shrimp with popular shrimp mayo and wrapping it with eggs and cucumbers, it is a dish that will satisfy both adults and children. In addition, we are particular about high-quality seaweed from Ariake, and it is a seaweed with a film that can be rolled up so that you can enjoy the original crispy texture and rich flavor. Using a film with a special pattern with the motif of "Amabie", it is tailored so that you can enjoy the appearance. There are 4 types of film designs, which will be random.

In addition, the famous "Marugoto Iwashi Maki" (378 yen) that uses one sardine, the "Gorgeous crab thick roll" (378 yen) that uses the crab loosened meat luxuriously, and the classic "Nanafuku Maki" (248 yen) etc. will also be sold. Similar to "Amabie-san Maki", Ehomaki (excluding "Marukaburi Hosomaki") that you can enjoy by winding seaweed afterwards.

Kura Sushi "Marugoto Iwashi Maki"
Whole sardine roll

Kura Sushi "Gorgeous Crab Taimaki"
Luxurious crab thick roll

Kura Sushi "Nanafukumaki"
Seven fortune rolls

Pray for the end of the corona and the health of the year, and while facing south-southeast at home, why not try your favorite Ehomaki.