Tora "Best Fruit Sour" [Maru Grated Mandarin]

Takara Sake Brewery will release the popular "Tora" Best Fruit Sour "[Marugoshi Mikan]" released last year on January 19, 2021. For a limited time. The estimated price is 178 yen (excluding tax). Alcohol content is 7%.

"Tora" Superb Fruit Sour "" makes use of the original sweetness of the fruit, and you can enjoy a full-fledged fruity feeling as if the whole fruit was grated to the skin. Not) fruit sour.

The [Maru Grated Mandarin] to be released this time is a sour that you can enjoy a full-fledged fruity feeling as if you grated the whole mandarin orange to the skin. In addition to fruit juice, "whole fruit crushed mandarin orange puree" (the whole fruit including the peel is crushed and then ground and strained) and "mandarin spirits" are used to create a complex and authentic fruit feeling. Realized.

In addition, by using the original "barrel storage aged shochu" * as the base alcohol, the flavor of the fruit is enhanced and the taste is mellow.

* At the Takara Shuzo Shochu Factory "Kurokabezo" in Takanabe Town, Miyazaki Prefecture, we have about 85 types of "barrel storage aged sake" with various personalities depending on the raw materials, fermentation, distillation, and storage methods, and about 20,000 barrels. doing. Those that have been made into shochu standards by setting them to 35 degrees or less.