Fondant Chocolat

Perfect to accompany your home cafe! Introducing "microwave sweets recipes" that you can easily make.

◆ Custard cream

"Custard cream " that just mixes the ingredients and heats. It will be finished smoothly even in the microwave.

custard cream

Trottro and chubby mouthfeel. You can feel the richness of the egg and the rich buttery flavor. Enjoy it by topping it on pancakes, wrapping it in pie crust with boiled apples, and arranging it!

◆ Okara steamed bread

"Okara steamed bread " using hot cake mix. You can easily make it with only 4 ingredients.

Steamed bread made from okara

The fluffy mouthfeel and chewy texture are the best! The simple sweetness of soy milk spreads in your mouth. The deliciousness that you can reach into a piece.

◆ Fondant au chocolat

The elaborate sweets " Fondant Chocolat " can be easily made using a microwave oven. It's a nice recipe that doesn't require you to rest the dough or heat the oven.

Fondant Chocolat

The chocolate melts in the fluffy chocolate cake. The bitter cake part and the chocolate that warms and strengthens the sweetness are well-balanced and complement each other.

◆ Lentin pudding

"Lentin pudding " that can be made with two ingredients without steaming. It is also recommended for beginners making sweets.

Pudding made in the microwave

The surface is smooth and the inside is smooth. Add caramel sauce or top with fruit or whipped cream for a more gorgeous finish.

◆ Mini Anman

"Mini Anman " made with hot cake mix. You can arrange the contents as you like.

Anman made with hot cake mix

The harmony between the moist and fluffy dough and the smooth bean paste is just right! It's a small size, so it's perfect for people who think that one on the market is too big.