"Bread lucky bag" from Villevan mail order

At the Village Vanguard Online Store, pre-order sales of "Bread Lucky Bag", which contains plenty of popular series that transform everyone's favorite bread into cushions and chairs, have started. The lineup is as follows.

■ Bread lucky bag 2021 A
It is the No. 1 lucky bag with a lot of popular items, including a bread cushion that ruins people and an oversized fried egg blanket. The price is 22,000 yen (tax included, same below).

Bread lucky bag "from Villevan mail order

・ Bread bead cushion L that ruins people
A fluffy and chewy feeling that seems to ruin people, cats, and dogs. The cover is washable, and even when the cover is removed, it has the "hardness of the earlobe" like fermented bread dough. Size: Width 665 x Height 445 x Depth 625 mm.

・ Fried egg blanket XL
BIG tanned candy with a soft and fluffy texture that feels great on the skin. Size: 1,400 x 1,800 mm.

・ Bread chair
A loaf of bread that has a 5-step reclining function and a low-resilience urethane seating surface. The cover cannot be washed. Size: W450 x D540 x H460 mm.

■ Bread lucky bag 2021 B
Limited quantity. A special lucky bag with a bread duvet cover set that can only be obtained at this time. The price is 11,000 yen.

Bread lucky bag "from Villevan mail order

・ Bread duvet cover 3-piece set (single size)
The time has finally come when you can sleep between breads. Not only does it feel great, but it also has a solid thickness and weight for a happy sleep. The foot part of the comforter cover has a mofumofu foot pocket to prevent coldness, and the cover alone can be used as a blanket.

Quilt cover (approx.) 1,500 x 2,100 mm
Floor pad (approx.) 1,000 x 2,050 mm
Pillow case (approx.) 440 x 640 mm

・ Fried egg rug

■ Bread lucky bag 2021 C
For croissants rather than bread. A cushioned lucky bag that is just the right size to hug. The price is 11,000 yen.

Bread lucky bag "from Villevan mail order

・ Mofumofu Croissant Pillow Not only bread, but also croissants. Because it uses microbeads, it feels soft to the touch, and the cover is washable, so it's easy to clean. Size (approx.): 340 x 680 x 150 mm.

・ Fried egg blanket L
Size: (approx.) 1,110 x 1,450 mm

■ Bread lucky bag 2021 D
Actually, it doesn't contain bread, but it's a lucky bag that contains two eggs. The price is 5,500 yen.

Bread lucky bag "from Villevan mail order

・ Yolk cushion L
After all, I like yolks. Only the chewy and fluffy yolk is a cushion. Size: (approx.) 190 x length 600 x width 600 mm.

・ Fried egg rug