Hattendo "lucky bag 2022"

"Hatendo Lucky Bag 2022" is now on sale at the Hattendo online shop. Two types of lucky bags have appeared under the theme of "delivering fortune from Hattendo". The sale period is until 18:59 on January 14, 2022. Delivery will be after December 30th.

Hattendo lucky bag 2022 limited 1000 sets

In addition to an assortment of 12 to 14 pieces including French toast, which is a mail-order limited product, "Cream Bread An Butter" that you can enjoy by steaming the "tight feeling" unique to Hattendo, and the original design that can be used for everyday cooking (not for sale) ) And the "500 yen coupon" from the Hattendo online shop are included. The price is 4,320 yen (tax included, free shipping).

Hattendo lucky bag 2022 limited 1000 sets

Hattendo Premium Lucky Bag 2022

A very profitable lucky bag where you can purchase a set of 10,000 yen worth of products including salt butter bread and a coupon set for 2,022 yen that can be used at the Hattendo online shop in connection with "2022" for 7,560 yen. In addition, a campaign will be held in which 7 people who purchase premium lucky bags will win "Assortment of Hattendo's favorite products" by lottery. The price is 7,560 yen (tax included, free shipping).

Hattendo "Premium Lucky Bag 2022"