Neko Neko bread "Neko Neko lucky bag"

"Neko Neko Lucky Bag" will be on sale from December 26th to January 4th, 2022 at each of the high-end bread specialty stores "Neko Neko Bread" (some stores have different names). The price is 1,100 yen (tax included) per set.

Neko Neko lucky bag

A great lucky bag that includes a cat bread (plain) and an original design tote bag. The tote bag contains an illustration newly drawn by illustrator Miyuki Matsuo for 2022. It is a design that makes your usual outings fun and heals you with two cute cats. It is also recommended to put a lunch box or a water bottle, or use it for shopping.

Neko Neko bread (plain)

Pursuing not only appearance but also deliciousness, the water content is 100% milk. It is slightly sweet and the taste of milk spreads slowly. We are particular about domestic wheat, and use honey, cream, butter, and mascarpone cheese.

Neko Neko bread (plain)

It is popular not only to eat it as it is, but also to decorate it cutely. It is also recommended to draw the face of the tiger with yellow and brown chocolate pens, named after the 2022 zodiac "tiger". * Chocolate pen is not included.

Neko Neko Bread (Plain) Tiger Arrangement