Neko Neko bread "Neko Neko lucky bag"

Introducing the 2022 lucky bags together. Check out the St-Marc Cafe, Neko Neko Bread, Yakiniku Kingu, Key Coffee, and UHA Mikakuto Lucky Bags all at once! * Click each product name link to jump to the detailed article page.

Saint Marc Cafe

The 2022 lucky bags will be on sale at the St-Marc Cafe. There are four types: " Chocokuro Box Set ", "Original Yuzu Tea Set", "Chocokuro Kit Set", and "Original Mug Cup Set".

St-Marc Cafe "Chocokuro BOX Set"

Key coffee

" 2022 Coffee Bean Lucky Bag " will be released from KEY COFFEE. "10,800 yen course (9 types x 200g (7.05oz) each)" "21,600 yen course (4 types x 400g (14.11oz) each)" "5,400 yen course (5 types x 200g (7.05oz) each)" "Coffee fun box 2022" will be prepared.

Key Coffee "2022 Coffee Bean Lucky Bag"

Cat cat bread

" Neko Neko Lucky Bag " will be sold at the high-end bread specialty store "Neko Neko Bread". A set of cat bread (plain) and an original design tote bag.

Neko Neko bread "Neko Neko lucky bag"

Yakiniku King

A limited number of 2022 " lucky bags " containing meal tickets and original goods not for sale will be on sale from Yakiniku Kingu. Contains original goods not for sale such as meal tickets, original coasters and electronic memo pads with logos.

Yakiniku King "lucky bag"

UHA Mikakuto

From UHA Mikakuto, "Dawn and sweets lucky bag " with 70 kinds of sweets packed in a rice bag is now available. It will be sold on the official online shopping site "UHA Mikakuto Health and Beauty Online Shopping Site".

UHA Mikakuto "Dawn and sweets lucky bag"