Fujiya's "lucky bag"

It's time to start worrying about lucky bags! The fascinating 2021 gourmet lucky bags are also summarized in the En-eating editorial department. Pastel "New Year Pudding Pack" and "Marugame Seimen Lucky Bag 2021".

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・ Pastel
New Year's products such as "Fukubukuro Dai " and "New Year Pudding Pack" will be on sale from the sweets brand "Pastel", which is familiar with "Smooth Pudding". The sale period is until January 7, 2021.

Pastel "lucky bag"

- from Fujiya
Fujiya, " bags " will be sold. The contents of the lucky bag vary depending on the store, but the one that is always included is the "Mini Retro Peco-chan Doll" that you can swing. The main body is made of resin with a diameter of 45 mm and a height of 95 mm. The dimensions of the box are 50 x 50 x 127 mm.

Fujiya's "lucky bag"

In Marugame made noodles
Marugame made noodles each store, deals grab bag " Marugame made noodles bags 2021 will be sold." The contents of the lucky bag include Marugame Seimen's special soy sauce and tempura, which are indispensable for "Kamatama Udon", and a dashi sauce that goes well with tempura, as well as a meal voucher that can be used with Marugame Seimen nationwide.

Marugame Seimen "Marugame Seimen Lucky Bag 2021"

The bread bags
Village Vanguard online store, everyone loves bread a popular series with plenty that was transformed into a cushion and seat chair " bread bags reservation sales of" has been started. There are 4 types in the lineup.

Village Vanguard Online Store "Bread Lucky Bag"

・ Konigs-Krone
Konigs-Krone's lucky bag " Gyutto Hatsume Set 2021 Lucky Bag" is now available only on the Internet. You can order from the official online shop. The selling price is 10,800 yen (tax included). At Konigs-Krone's official online shop, shipping is free for orders of ¥ 7,560 or more per shipping destination.

Konigs-Krone "Gyutto First Dream Set 2021 Lucky Bag"

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