Galler 2021 New Year lucky bag

"Galler 2021 New Year Lucky Bag" will be on sale from the Belgian Royal Warrant luxury chocolate brand "Galler" at 10 o'clock on December 28th. The price is 3,980 yen (tax included and shipping included). * Okinawa and remote islands will incur additional shipping charges

Galler was founded in 1976 in Liege, Belgium. Certified as a "Belgian Royal Warrant Brand" in 1994, it is a chocolate tree that is familiar to many people in Europe. With its craftsmanship and high-quality chocolate, it is now well known worldwide.

"Galler 2021 New Year Lucky Bag" is a lucky bag where you can enjoy popular chocolates from the galley at a great price. There are 10 random chocolates from tablet chocolate that you can enjoy the exquisite flavor created by real chocolatier and bar chocolate that has an exquisite balance of chocolate and filling wrapped inside. We sell products worth 4,970 yen to 5,610 yen at regular prices for a great deal of 3,980 yen.

Available at Galler official online shop, Galler Rakuten Ichiba store, Yahoo! Shopping store / monoproduction.