Bikkuri Donkey Side Menu Popularity Ranking

The popular side menu ranking of "Bikkuri Donkey" has been released. The order of the number of sales is as follows.

Side menu popularity ranking

1st place: Miso soup 128 yen
The most popular side menu is "Miso soup". Based on Shinshu miso, you can enjoy several kinds of seasonal ingredients on a weekly basis. An immovable and popular number one menu that is perfect for hamburgers that can be eaten with chopsticks.

Bikkuri Donkey Side Menu Popularity Ranking

2nd place: Bikkuri Donkey French fries 398 yen
Hot and hot French fries are a la carte menu that is a classic of Bikkuri Donkey, and it goes well with the original mayonnaise type and tomato sauce.

Bikkuri Donkey Side Menu Popularity Ranking

3rd place: Strawberry milk with crushed texture 330 yen
Using fresh ripe strawberry as a raw material, strawberry sauce that retains the crushed texture of the flesh is used. Milk is an original with fresh cream added, considering the compatibility with strawberry sauce.

Bikkuri Donkey Side Menu Popularity Ranking

4th place: Mini soft serve of ranch (Makiba) 180 yen
The mini soft serve of ranch (Makiba) where you can taste the "Hokkaido soft serve" that is particular about Bikkuri Donkey in a mini size contains one white ball dango. The size that is easy to eat after meals is popular.

5th place: Mermaid salad 498 yen
A salad with a unique presence of fried squid. The taste of two birds with one stone, where you can get the nutrition of vegetables and seafood at the same time. Japanese-style sesame dressing brings together the flavors of various ingredients.

6th place: Single estate coffee 280 yen
In order to make the best use of the flavor of coffee beans, we use unblended arabica seeds from a single plantation (single estate). Flavorful coffee roasted at our own roasting factory.

7th place: Squid ark 598 yen
8th place: Deep-fried crispy squid 498 yen
9th place: Cafe on the rocks 280 yen
10th place: Strawberry soft 398 yen

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