Kura Sushi "Extreme Aging Fair"

At each Kura Sushi store, the "Extreme Aging Fair" will start on November 6th. "Extreme Aged Amberjack", a new product in the Extreme Aging series, and "Extreme Aged AI Tuna", which was sold in July this year and became a hot topic, will reappear.

"Extreme Aged Amberjack" is a sushi that was developed with the aim of "salt aging by craftsmen" by making use of the aging knowledge and know-how that Kura Sushi has accumulated so far. Aged in salt water with controlled concentration and temperature to bring out the umami. In addition, it has been aged for the optimum amount of time so that you can enjoy the crunchy texture peculiar to amberjack, and you can enjoy the chewy texture and the sweetness of rich fat. The price is 220 yen (tax included, same below).

Kura Sushi "Extreme Aged Amberjack"
Extremely aged amberjack

In addition, the "Extreme Aged AI Tuna", which was popular at the time of its previous release, uses the "TUNA SCOPE" app, which determines the quality of tuna with high accuracy, using AI that has acquired the know-how of the connoisseurs of veteran middlemen. Carefully selected tuna. By adding further aging, the umami component is enhanced.

Kura Sushi "Extreme Aged AI Tuna"
Extremely aged AI tuna

This time as well, we used only large tuna weighing 40 kg or more, which is said to be firmer and more delicious, from among the highest-ranked "A rank" tuna selected by AI. By being provided in thick slices, you can enjoy the "extreme dish" that has moderate elasticity and the taste of tuna overflows as you chew. The price is 220 yen. Sale until November 12th.