Seasonal "3 kinds of grapes and walnuts" raw "bread"

Mail-order sales of seasonal products "3 types of grapes and walnuts" raw "bread" have started from the Kanazawa bread specialty store "Waza to Waza". The price is 3,200 yen (tax included).

"Raw" bread with 3 types of grapes and walnuts is a delicious bread with different flavors of 3 types of raisins and aroma of walnuts when you eat a bite. It is a popular seasonal product that is sold at two stores, the Nonoichi store and the Kanazawa Taue store, and is sold out every day at both stores. They said, "You can enjoy the taste of autumn," and "In other shops, only raisins are often included, but walnuts allow you to enjoy a new sensation."

Three types of raisins are used: California raisins, green raisins, and calends. California raisins with juicy grapes, green raisins with a refreshing sweetness, and calends with a bubble wrap texture accentuate each other. The roasted walnuts are not only fragrant, but also have a crispy texture as an accent, so you can enjoy the original sweetness of walnuts.