Kiyoken "Ouchi de Ekiben Series Obento Autumn Mushroom Rice"

At Kiyoken, which is known for its shumai, the lunch box "Ouchi de Ekiben Series Obento Autumn Mushroom Rice", which can also be used as a preserved food, will be on sale. Available for a limited time from November 1st to 30th. You can only order by mail order such as shopping sites and telephones.

The selling price is 630 yen (tax included). In response to the voice that "the opportunity to eat Kiyoken ekiben and shumai has decreased" in the new lifestyle with fewer opportunities to go out, and the voice that "I want to eat Kiyoken ekiben" from all over the country that originally existed " New work of "Ekiben series at home".

It can be stored frozen and easily cooked in the microwave, and is useful as a simple meal when you are busy or as a preserved food.

Kiyoken "Ouchi de Ekiben Series Obento Autumn Mushroom Rice"

The staple food, "Mushroom rice," is a flavorful cooked rice with maitake mushrooms, shimeji mushrooms, fried tofu, and carrots that makes you feel autumn.

Two "old-fashioned shumai" representing Kiyoken are also included. This is a bite-sized shumai with a rich flavor that uses domestic pork and dried scallops from the Okhotsk Sea.

"Autumn salmon grilled with algae salt" is a grilled salmon with algae salt. You can enjoy the umami and mellow taste unique to algae salt.

And "Tsukune with lotus root" is a meatball that you can enjoy the crispy texture of lotus root in season, but it is finished with a simple seasoning.