Ringer Hut Discount coupon for To go only

A campaign for To go menus will be held for a limited time from November at the Nagasaki Champon specialty store "Ringer Hut".

Ringer Hut Discount coupon for To go only

Ringer Hut's To go menu has separate noodles, soup, and ingredients. Champon is hard to spread noodles, and Sara udon can be enjoyed with a crispy texture. Especially for Champon, "To go noodles" will be introduced at all stores from November 1st. It is thicker and harder to spread than regular noodles, and the hardness of the boiled noodles is about 1.5 times that of regular noodles, and the chewy texture lasts for a long time.

Also, from November 4th to 30th, if you purchase a To go menu from the "Mobile Order Service" that you can order from stores or smartphones, you will receive one coupon per account, which can be used from December 1st to 30th. If you use the coupon, you can get discounts on "Kaki Champon" and "Thin-skinned dumplings" from the regular price and get special benefits. There are several types of coupons, each of which has the following contents.

・ Kaki-chanpon single item 890 yen → 790 yen ・ Kaki-chanpon thin-skinned gyoza 3 pieces set 1,040 yen → 890 yen ・ Kaki-chanpon 2 cups 1,780 yen → 1,500 yen ・ 5 more thin-skinned gyoza

Furthermore, from November 1st to 30th, you can purchase "Vegetable Champon" at a special price discounted from the regular price only for the mobile order service.

・ Champon with plenty of vegetables 740 yen → 590 yen

In addition, the "Champon Gyoza 5-piece set" will be discounted from the regular price only for the delivery service.

・ Demae-can 1,260 yen → 1,100 yen (November 2 to 15)
・ Uber Eats 1,260 yen → 1,134 yen (November 16-29)