Ringer Hut "Chicken Shiryu Champon with Scallion and Asparagus

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Chicken Hakyu Champon with Asari and Asparagus" Ringer Hut will start selling a limited spring menu "Chicken Hakyu Champon with Asari and Asparagus" on March 14 (Tue.). To go available.


Shiranyu Champon

with Asari and Asparagus The product was developed with the advice of actress/model Yumena Hoshino, who is popular among Generation Z and is attracting attention as a next-generation young actress, as the ambassador of the product. A total of 8 kinds of Japanese vegetables, including asparagus and kale, which are spring vegetables, amounting to about 260g (9.17oz), are used in the product. The subtle bitterness of the asparagus and kale give the dish a springtime flavor (stores in Okinawa use bitter gourd instead of kale).

Ringer Hut "Chicken Shiryu Champon with Scallion and Asparagus

Asari, which are in season in spring, are grilled to perfection upon order to maximize their flavor and aroma. For those who want to eat plenty of asari, the "extra asari" version is also available, using approximately three times the amount of asari as the regular version.

Ringer Hut "Chicken Shiranyu Champon with Asari and Asparagus, More Asari".

The thick chicken shiratou soup is made from Kyushu chicken stock. The rich, but not sticky broth is intertwined with the sweetness and bitterness of the scallion broth and spring vegetables, and each mouthful is full of flavor.

The soup is available at all Ringer Hut restaurants nationwide except Hokkaido. Hokkaido stores sell "Hokkaido Corn Miso Champon" as a seasonal product.

Prices including tax are as follows. For To go, an additional 30 yen will be charged for the container.

Regular size 890 yen (special regional price 940 yen)
Less noodles 790 yen (special regional price 840 yen)

[More scallion]
Regular size 1,090 yen (special regional price 1,140 yen)
Less noodles 990 yen (special regional price 1,040 yen)

* More noodles available (1.5x +50 yen, 2x +100 yen).
Low-sugar ramen noodles are available (+150 yen).
Price differs for delivery service.
Special regional pricing applies to stores in the 23 wards of Tokyo and Okinawa.
The image is from the development stage. The actual product has black pepper on it.