2020 "Famima's Chinese steamed bun"

"Famima's Chinese steamed bun" will be released on August 18th at each FamilyMart store (excluding some stores). A 100 yen sale will be held to commemorate the release.

"Famima's Chinese steamed bun" has been improved every year with the cooperation of Imuraya to realize the deliciousness of specialty store quality. All the products of Chinese steamed buns in 2020 are made with attention to detail.

"Gokujou Kurobutaman" uses aged fermented dough made from wheat flour exclusively for FamilyMart. The pork is a juicy and delicious black pork from Kagoshima prefecture, and the onion is a fresh and sweet onion from Awaji Island, which is the "ultimate pork bun". The price is 184 yen (excluding tax, the same applies below).

FamilyMart "Gokujou Kurobutaman"

"Authentic meat bun with aged dough" is a meat bun that uses juicy aged meat and has a satisfying taste. The aged fermented dough using wheat flour exclusively for FamilyMart has been reviewed for fermentation time, and we are particular about not only the chewy texture and good mouthfeel, but also the taste and aroma. The price is 121 yen.

FamilyMart "Authentic meat bun of aged dough"

"Pizza bun with melty cheese" is a pizza bun with a rich and rich tomato sauce using Italian tomato puree and plenty of cheese that melts and grows. The price is 121 yen.

FamilyMart "Pizza Man with Toro-ri Cheese"

In addition, "Beef Curry Man", "Hokkaido Azuki Bean Paste (Sesame Flavor)" and "Hokkaido Dainagon Azuki Bean Paste" will be released on August 18th. The price is 121 yen each.

To commemorate the release of "Famima's Chinese steamed bun" in 2020, a 100 yen sale of Chinese steamed bun will be held for 5 days from August 18th to August 22nd. All Chinese steamed buns are sold for 100 yen each. * 40 yen discount (tax included) for products over 160 yen

"Famima Chinese steamed bun" 100 yen sale