FamilyMart "Thick Thick Fondant Chocolat Manju

FamilyMart "Thick Fondant Chocolat Man" Family

Mart will release a sweet Chinese bun "Thick Fondant Chocolat Man" on December 13 (Tuesday). The price is 160 yen (tax included).

The "Thick Fondant


Man" is part of the "More Delicious" concept, one of the five keywords that the company has been working on since last year. The soft and fluffy dough made of egg and milk and kneaded with cocoa powder is filled with two kinds of chocolate sauce of different firmness.

FamilyMart "Thick Thick Fondant Chocolat Manju

The outside is covered with a smooth, bitter chocolate sauce, while the center is filled with a thick, rich chocolate sauce made with Belgian chocolate. The fondant chocolat is expressed in a Chinese bun. This warm and sweet Chinese manjuu is a perfect snack for the cold season.

FamilyMart "Thick Thick Fondant Chocolat Manju

[Product name] Thick fondant chocolat bun
[Price] 149 yen (160 yen including tax)
[Release date] December 13, 2022 (Tuesday)
[Region] Nationwide

* May not be available at all stores.
The product will be available in limited quantities.
The price including tax is indicated at 8% consumption tax for products subject to the reduced tax rate.