Lotte "Toppo" x Calbee "Tomoriko"

Introducing "Toppo", where you can enjoy the deliciousness of Lotte's chocolate confectionery "Toppo" and Calbee's snack "Tomoriko". The taste of Konomi Mori is reproduced based on Toppo. It will be available from August 4th.

The contents are 2 bags and the estimated price is 150 yen (excluding tax). Speaking of sweet corn, it is a snack with a crispy and crispy texture using the "Jagarico manufacturing method". It is characterized by the taste of freshly boiled corn.

Since Lotte's Toppo staff was a fan of Calbee's Tomoko, the taste of Toppo was reproduced with Toppo's chocolate and pretzels as the same stick-type confectionery. Sweet corn powder is used in the chocolate that is plentiful to the end, which is a characteristic of Toppo.

In addition, there are variations in the design of the back side depending on the package, and the idea is that a large "Noppo Toppo-chan" will be completed by connecting a total of three types of patterns.