Lotte "Toppo [Rum & Raisin Sandwich]" and "Toppo [The Chocolat]".

Lotte "

Toppo [Rum & Raisin Sandwich]" Lotte will release an adult Toppo "Toppo [Rum & Raisin Sandwich]" on February 14 (Tuesday), offering the taste of a rum-scented raisin sandwich. Toppo [The Chocolat] is also available as a standard adult Toppo.

Toppo [Rum & Raisin


Toppo is filled to the last with chocolate that offers the aroma of mellow rum and the taste of raisins. The pretzel is made with fermented butter from France. The fermented butter pretzel enhances the flavor of the rum-scented raisin chocolate. Even as an adult, you can still enjoy the taste of this. This is the Toppo for adults, where you can enjoy a taste that makes you think, "Even if I grow up, I'll always have this.

Lotte "Toppo [Rum & Raisin Sandwich]".

Product name: Toppo Rum & Raisin Sandwich
Launch date: Tuesday, February 14, 2023
Launch area: Nationwide
Volume: 2 bags
Estimated price: around 205 yen (including tax)


The Chocolat

Toppo offers a bittersweet adult taste. The mildly bitter cocoa pretzel is filled to the last with bitter chocolate that gives it a cacao-like taste.

Lotte "Toppo [The Chocolat]".

Product name: Toppo [The Chocolat]
Launch date: Year-round
Launch area: Nationwide
Contents: 2 bags
Estimated price: 162 yen (including tax)