Lotte "Pi no Mi [Reward Muscat Tart]" and "Toppo [Rich Pistachio]".

On August 30, Lotte will release "Pie no Mi [Rewarding Muscat Tart]" from the "Pie no Mi" series, a 64-layer crispy pie with a golden aroma, and "Toppo [Rich Pistachio]" from the "Toppo" series, filled with chocolate all the way through. The estimated price is around ¥205 each. The estimated price is around 205 yen each (tax included).

Pie-no Mi [Reward Muscat Tart] (43 years after its birth in 1979)

Pie no Mi [Rewarding Muscat Tart]" is the first flavor to appear in the 43rd year since its creation in 1979. The Luxury Sweets Pie Series is a series of sweet pies that are "a taste of luxury in a bite". The concept of the series is to "Deliver sweet pies tailored with all your heart and soul.

Lotte "Pie no Mi [Reward Muscat Tart]".

It is inspired by the taste of an elegant muscat tart with a noble aroma and refreshing sweetness. The crispy pie with fermented butter is filled with chocolate made from the juice of Muscat of Alexandria. 0.6% fermented butter is used. Ingredients with fermented butter are used.

The "Ookina Pie no Mi [More Rewarding Shine Muscat Tart]" will be available at the Lotte Group's official online mall from August 30, 2012. 8 pieces (individually wrapped), priced at 1,080 yen (tax and shipping not included).

Lotte "Ookina Pie no Mi [More Rewarding Cheinmuscat Tart]".

Toppo [Rich Pistachio].

29 years after its birth in 1994, "Toppo [Rich Pistachio]" was introduced for the first time as a new flavor. Even when you grow up, you still need this." The concept of the Toppo series is "to be there for you as you work and raise your children. Chocolate made from selected pistachio paste with a rich flavor is embedded in a salty, rich pretzel.

Lotte "Toppo [Rich Pistachio]".