Lotte "White Choco Pie [First Snow Milk] Sold Individually"

Check out all the new chocolates! Fujiya "Look (4 kinds of strawberries)", "Powdered snow chocolate thick milk", "Powdered snow chocolate thick strawberry", etc. * Click each product name link to jump to the detailed article page.

Powdered snow chocolate thick milk

Bourbon will release winter-only raw chocolates " Powdered Snow Chocolat Concentrated Milk " and "Powdered Snow Chocolat Concentrated Strawberries" that use 10% or more of fresh cream.

Winter limited raw chocolate "powdered snow chocolate concentrated milk"

White choco pie [first snow milk]

Lotte will release " white chocolate pie [first snow milk] sold individually " coated with white chocolate for the first time in the history of normal temperature chocolate pie. Contains milk cream and double berry sauce.

Lotte "White Choco Pie [First Snow Milk] Sold Individually"

Toppo [rich double butter]

From the "Toppo" series, " Toppo [Rich Double Butter] ", which is the third "Good Bari Style", will be released. Toppo with butter for both pretzels and chocolate.

Toppo "Toppo [rich double butter]"

Tyrolean chocolate "Shine Muscat [bag]"

Daiso sells the new Tyrolean chocolate " Shine Muscat [bag] ". A juicy Shine Muscat reproduced with gummy and sauce with a plump texture.

Tyrolean chocolate new work "Shine Muscat [bag]"