Gion Tsujiri "Summer House Cafe Set"

"Summer House Cafe Set" was released on July 17th at Gion Tsujiri's official online shop. Limited set for delivery only within Tokyo, which is not covered by "Go To Travel".

Gion Tsujiri's long-selling baked confectionery "Tsujiri no Sato", candy "Matcha Shizuku" wrapped in rich matcha, and cold sencha and matcha ole that can be easily enjoyed with water. There is also a "cold tea bottle" that is useful for remote work and going out to the neighborhood.

Gion Tsujiri "Summer House Cafe Set"

Gion Tsujiri "Summer House Cafe Set"
Tsujiri no Sato

Gion Tsujiri "Summer House Cafe Set"
Matcha me

The price is 3,000 yen (tax included and shipping included). It is limited to 300 sets and will end as soon as it runs out.

set content

Tsujiri no Sato 21 bottles of cold sencha with water out 5g x 15 bags (1 bag can make 300ml of cold sencha)
Matcha ole 200g (30g can make 150ml cold sencha)
Matcha drop (candy) 40g
1 cold tea bottle (capacity 300 ml)