PRONTO "Mont Blanc Hojicha Latte", "Hojicha Latte", "Butter Sand Rum Marron".

PRONTO's new drinks "Mont Blanc Hojicha Latte" and "Hojicha Latte" and the seasonal butter sandwich "Butter Sandwich Rum Marron" will be available at PRONTO's café time from October 11 under the theme of "Enjoying the deepening autumn".

Mont Blanc Hojicha Latte

The "Mont Blanc Hojicha Latte" is a hojicha latte with marron sauce, topped with marron whip made from Italian chestnuts and marron glace. You can enjoy the marriage of aromatic hojicha from Japanese tea specialty store "Tafu Koushunen Honten" and dusty sweet chestnuts. The price is 638 yen (tax included).

PRONTO "Mont Blanc Hojicha Latte"

Hojicha Latte

This aromatic hojicha latte combines hojicha tea from the Japanese tea specialty store Fukurobu Koshunen Honten with rich milk. To enhance the original aromatic flavor of hojicha, mellow wasanbon molasses from Tokushima Prefecture is added for a subdued sweetness. Available hot and iced. The price is 484 yen (tax included).

PRONTO "Hojicha Latte"

Butter Sand Rum Marron

Last year's popular "Butter Sand Rum Marron" is back. Butter-scented moist cookie dough is sandwiched between smooth rum-flavored cream and marron glacé. The heavy butter sandwich goes great with coffee and is recommended as a souvenir. Price: 429 yen (tax included).

PRONTO "Butter Sandwich Rum Marron"