Sukiya "Brown Sugar Jelly Hojicha Latte

Sukiya will start selling the brown sugar jelly hojicha latte, a hojicha drink full of specialties, on September 14 at 9:00 a.m. (available at 1,941 stores) for a limited time. The sales end date has not yet been determined.

Brown Sugar Jelly Hojicha Latte

The "Brown Sugar Jelly Hojicha Latte" is Sukiya's special drink that combines a rich brown sugar jelly with a special hojicha latte. The hojicha tea leaves and powder produced in Uji, Kyoto Prefecture, are used to add depth to the taste and aroma. The tea leaves are extracted slowly so as not to lose the fragrant roasted aroma. The rich powder of ichiban-cha (first-grade tea) produces the sweetness and flavor derived from hojicha (roasted green tea).

The brown sugar jelly uses brown sugar from Awakuni Island in Okinawa Prefecture. The refreshing sweetness of the jelly is rich in flavor and aroma. The jelly also has a pleasantly crispy texture.

The brown sugar jelly hojicha latte can also be purchased separately. It is recommended to enjoy it not only as an after-dinner palate cleanser, but also when you feel a little hungry.

Brown Sugar Jelly Hojicha Latte, medium size: 220 yen (tax included)
Brown Sugar Jelly Hojicha Latte L size: 320 yen (tax included)