Wendy's First Kitchen "Fresh Dorayaki with Chestnut Sauce

Wendy's First Kitchen and Fast Kitchen will start selling "Nama Dorayaki with Shimizumi Chestnut Sauce" and "Tenku no Matcha Otona Latte" and "Strong Roasted Hojicha Otona Latte" as the fourth in the drinking tea leaves series on October 20 (except at some stores).

Nama Dorayaki with Chestnut Sauce

Nama Dorayaki with Chestnut Sauce is an authentic Japanese sweet that lets you enjoy the true taste of chestnuts. The dorayaki crust is soaked in chestnut sauce, and is combined with a generous amount of whipped cream. The dorayaki can be taken home in a special container.

In addition to the "Nama Dorayaki with Chestnut Sauce (Plain)" (350 yen, all prices include 10% tax), the "Nama Dorayaki with Chestnut Sauce (Sweet Chestnut An)" (400 yen), which has an additional sweet chestnut bean paste, and the "Nama Dorayaki with Chestnut Sauce (Plain)" (400 yen), which has Hokkaido boiled adzuki beans with just the right sweetness and texture of grains. (sweet chestnut bean paste & Hokkaido adzuki beans)" (450 yen), which combines a moderate sweetness with grainy Hokkaido adzuki beans.

Wendy's First Kitchen "Fresh Dorayaki with Chestnut Sauce

Matcha Adult Latte in the Sky

Strong Roasted Hojicha Adult Latte

This is the fourth in the series of tea leaves that we have been focusing on since this spring. It features the exquisite taste of aromatic tea leaves and milk. It is made without adding sweetness, making it a perfect match with sweets and meals. Both are priced at 380 yen for an iced S, 450 yen for an M, and 380 yen for a hot S.

Wendy's First Kitchen "Matcha Adult Latte in the Sky" and "Strong Roasted Hojicha Adult Latte

Tenku no Matcha uses only the first tea leaves grown in mountainous areas of Shizuoka Prefecture, which is said to be one of the best tea-growing areas in Japan. Strong Roasted Hojicha is a roasted hojicha made by the "sand roasting" method, which uses heated sand to roast tea leaves, and is characterized by its soft sweetness and gorgeous aroma. These tea leaves are grinded into a whole, authentic drink that can be enjoyed as if you were drinking tea leaves.