Iemon Kyoto Lemonade" from Suntory

A new addition to the Suntory Iyemon brand of green tea, Iyemon Kyoto Lemonade, a green tea with fruit juice, will be available. The product will go on sale on October 18. The estimated price is 160 yen (excluding tax).

Inspired by the popular combination of lemon and green tea in Kyoto's teahouse cafes, the Iyemon Kyoto Lemonade combines lemonade and green tea to offer a new way to enjoy tea.

Iyemon Kyoto Lemonade

The combination of whole squeezed lemons, the right amount of honey sweetness, and Kyoto-grown tea leaves carefully selected by Kyoto Fukujuen tea masters, gives the lemonade a sweet and sour taste with a refreshing and pleasant aftertaste. The package features the naming logo "Kyoto Lemonade" in the center, which evokes the commitment and high quality of Kyoto tea shops, and expresses the craftsmanship carefully tailored by Kyoto tea masters through the delicate Japanese paper-like texture of the label and the meticulous black cap.