Colombin summer sweets

Four cool and refreshing summer sweets will be on sale at the shops and salons in Colombin, a Western confectionery. Handling from June 26th to August 27th.

The popular "Coffee Jelly", "Mango Pudding" that you can enjoy the rich flavor and sweetness, "Soda Jelly" that looks cool with yogurt mousse, and the refreshing roll cake full of lemons are available.

Details are as follows. The price includes tax. Handling may differ at some stores.

Coffee jelly 432 yen

A classic summer jelly with a rich and deep coffee scent. A mildly sweet milk jelly and fresh cream are added on top of the jelly extracted from the bittersweet and rich drip coffee.

Mango pudding 540 yen

Luxuriously using "Alfonso Mango", which is also called "King of Mangos" because of its rich taste and mellow scent. On top of the creamy mango pudding, sour mango sauce, flower-shaped mango jelly, and large-cut mango pulp are laid on top.

Soda jelly 540 yen

A seasonal dessert that you can enjoy with your eyes and tongue, shining like the sea in summer. Refreshing sweet yogurt mousse flavored with yuzu and lemon is layered with refreshing soda jelly and lemon-flavored cube jelly, topped with colorful fruits (red currant, blueberry, orange).

Lemon yogurt roll 1,296 yen

A roll cake made by rolling up a refreshing lemon yogurt cream with cut lemon in a soft, moist and light sponge dough. The whole is decorated with lemon slices pickled in syrup. A perfect souvenir with sweet and sour taste. The length is about 12 cm.