Colombin "Strawberry Fair"

The "Strawberry Fair" will be held from January 14th to April 7th at shops and salons in Colombin. "Strawberry mousse," "Amaou shortcake," "Freje," and "Strawberry roll cake" are on sale.

Colombin "Strawberry Fair"

Strawberry mousse

A seasonal dish that looks fun, with cute strawberries that look like pictures turned into cakes. Strawberry mousse with a gentle sweetness contains sweet and sour strawberry jelly and milky condensed milk jelly. The price is 594 yen (tax included, same below).

Colombin "Strawberry Mousse"

Amaou shortcake

A shortcake featuring the Fukuoka brand strawberry "Amaou". A large selection of strawberries is placed on top, and the pink cream is also filled with puree. It's a sweet that is irresistible for strawberry lovers. The price is 702 yen.

Colombin "Amaou Shortcake"


A sweet called the French version of shortcake. The rich sweetness of mousseline (cream), which is a combination of custard cream and butter cream, and the sweet and sour strawberry are perfectly balanced. Fiantine chocolate is hidden in the cream, and you can enjoy the crunchy texture. The price is 648 yen.

Colombin "Freje"

Strawberry roll cake

A seasonal roll cake with white chocolate glasage and a glossy finish. Strawberry cream with flesh is carefully rolled up with a moist texture roll dough with a refreshing lemon scent. The length is about 12 cm and the price is 1,620 yen.

Colombin "Strawberry Roll Cake"