Tendon Tenya's seasonal menu "Kakiage Tendon with bonito and clams"

The seasonal menu "Katsuo and Asari Kakiage Tendon" is on sale at Tendon Tenya. It's a cup of bonito tempura and fried clams that makes you feel early summer.

Instead of purse seine fishing, bonito is used for single fishing, where each fish is caught one by one. It is landed at Katsuura Port in Chiba Prefecture, and is characterized by its beautiful fish body and little damage.

Also, every year, the clams, which cannot be removed in early summer, are fried together with the presence of squid and the spicy spiciness and fragrant red pickled ginger. In addition, "Shirasu grated" that can be eaten refreshingly is also attached.

In addition to this, "shrimp," "scallop," "lotus root," and "green bean" tempura are also added to create a colorful bowl of tempura. The selling price is 880 yen (tax included, same below) for regular serving (1,034 kcal) with miso soup. You can also order a To go "Kakiage Tendon Bento with bonito and clams", which costs 860 yen without miso soup.

In addition, you can purchase the single tempura "Ippon fishing bonito" (79kcal) for 150 yen, and "Asari and squid and red pickled ginger kakiage" (302kcal) for 180 yen.