Lotteria "Local Gourmet Furu Pote"

At each Lotteria store, "Local Gourmet Furupote" will be on sale for a limited time from May 28th to early September (excluding some stores). The single item price is 290 yen each (excluding tax).

In 1999, Lotteria released "Furu Potato", which you can choose your favorite flavor for "French fries" and shake it to enjoy. It seems that it has been well received by developing flavors for a limited time.

The "local gourmet fries" that will be released this time are potatoes that are inspired by the tastes of popular gourmet foods in Hokkaido, Tokyo, Osaka, Hiroshima, and Fukuoka prefectures. You can easily enjoy the taste of popular gourmet foods from all over Japan while staying at home.

Lotteria "Local Gourmet Furu Pote"

The lineup is as follows.

・ Furu Pote (butter soy sauce flavor)
A flavor inspired by "Jaga butter", which is made by adding soy sauce that goes well with Hokkaido potatoes and butter.

・ Furu Pote (Japanese beef sukiyaki flavor)
A flavor inspired by Tokyo's famous sweet and spicy sukiyaki.

・ Furu potato (takoyaki flavor)
A flavor inspired by Osaka's famous takoyaki.

・ Furu Pote (soy sauce grilled oyster flavor)
A flavor inspired by the local cuisine of Hiroshima prefecture's grilled oysters with dashi soy sauce.

・ Furu potato (Menta cheese flavor)
A flavor that combines cheese with mentaiko, which is a popular souvenir from Fukuoka.