Lotteria "Spring Thanksgiving Sale Bucket Trio"
Spring Thanksgiving Sale Bucket Trio

Lotteria Spring Thanksgiving Sale Bucket Trio

Lotteria will hold the "Spring Thanksgiving Sale Bucket Trio" campaign. By displaying the coupon on the official website on your smart phone and showing it at the cash register, you can purchase "Bucket Potato", "Bucket Potato Kara", and "Bucket Potato Oni" for the special price of 600 yen, which is 650 yen less than the regular price (tax included, same below). The offer will be available from March 24 to April 2, 2023.



"Bucket Potatoes" are made mainly from russet potatoes, which are large in size and suitable for French fries, and deep-fried at high temperature in vegetable oil, resulting in crispy on the outside and crunchy on the inside. The product contains four "French Fried Potatoes S" flavored with mineral-rich baked salt made from seawater.

Lotteria "Bucket Potatoes
Bucket Potatoes

Bucket Potato


"Bucket Potato Kara" contains two "French Fried Potato S" and six "Chicken Karaage" seasoned with soy sauce based on the taste of "Karaage", the most popular chicken dish among Japanese people.

Lotteria "From Bucket Potatoes
From Bucket Potatoes.


Potteoni "Bucket Potteoni" contains two "French Fried Potatoes S" and six "Onion Fries", which are made with finely chopped European onions fried in fine breadcrumbs, without seasoning so that the sweetness of the onions can be fully appreciated, and the texture of the crispy batter is addictive. The campaign is in principle a nationwide campaign.

Lotteria "Bucket Potteoni
Bucket Poteoni

In principle, this campaign will be held at all Lotterias nationwide, with a few exceptions. The Saitama Super Arena, Hakkeijima Seaside Oasis FS, and ZOZO Marine Stadium branches are excluded.