"Sukesan Udon" started delivery
Kitakyushu's soul food "Sukesan Udon" is now available for delivery

Home delivery service to home and work has started at "Sukesan Udon" mainly in Kitakyushu. The food delivery service "Uber Eats" will be introduced in sequence.

Starting with the Hakata Chiyo store, the introduction has already been completed at the Hara store and the Hanmichibashi store. Introduced at 3 stores, Uomachi store, Ichieda store, and Shinike store from May 18th. In the future, it will be deployed at a total of 16 stores in Kitakyushu, Fukuoka and the surrounding area. The stores and schedules for introducing Uber Eats are as follows.

-May 18: Hakata Chiyo store, Hara store, Hanmichibashi store, Uomachi store, Ichieda store, Shinike store
May 21-: Shimecho store, Hashimoto store, Kibune store
From May 24: Daimon store, Nanri store, Dazaifu store
May 27-: Morooka store, Usamachi store, Nishikokura store
May 28-: Kasuga Shiramizu store

There will be 7 stores in Kitakyushu City, 5 stores in Fukuoka City, 2 stores in Shime Town, 1 store in Kasuga City, and 1 store in Dazaifu City.

"Sukesan Udon" starts delivery

The target menu is "Katsu Toji Don", which is the most popular bowl where you can enjoy the taste of crispy pork cutlet and Shisan Udon's special bowl, as well as a generous amount of "Sauce" with crispy large chicken cutlet and plenty of cabbage with special sauce. In addition to 7 types of rice bowls such as "Chicken Katsu Don", "Katsu Curry" is a collaboration between Tonkatsu and "Katsu Curry", which is a collaboration of Tonkatsu and vegetables and beef that have been carefully simmered in a large pot. There are "Yaki Udon" and "Bota Mochi", a specialty with a modest sweetness that is handmade at the shop every day using Azuki from Hokkaido.

There are also side menus such as "Oden set" that is soaked in the flavor of Sukesan Udon's special oden soup, "Shiso onigiri" that has the flavor of shiso, and "Salt onigiri" that is simply seasoned with salt. You can also order frozen products such as Sukesan's special "pork soup" with plenty of sake lees and root vegetables.

The ordering method for Uber Eats's "Sukesan Udon" is as follows (available only in the service area).
(1) Search for "Sukesan Udon" from the Uber Eats official website or smartphone application and select the desired store (2) Add the menu you want to order to the cart and click or tap "Order" to confirm the order (3) The Uber Eats delivery partner receives the order at the store, delivers it to the designated location, and completes the delivery.