Pizza "Summer Prime Quarter" and "Anchovy Olive Seafood".

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offers are available when you register as a member on the official Pizza website.

You can use the same ID and password you used to register on the Viva Paella PC site and the Pizza PC/mobile site to log in and use the coupons.
Coupons that can be used differ depending on the store.
* Coupons are limited to orders placed through the official website. Cannot be used for orders placed by phone or through other websites.


To go (To go) pizza free! The offer is limited to four pizza items: Bingo Quarter, Garlic & Spicy Quarter, Classic Quarter, and Variety Quarter.

Discounts are also available for To go for all pizzas.

All orders must be placed through the official Pizza Shop website and membership registration is required. The service differs depending on the store.


At Pizza Pizza, you can choose from three types of pizza dough. The three types are "Italian," which is soft and fluffy and allows the cheese to be enjoyed until the last bite; "Hand Toss," which is flavorful, sticky and fluffy to the core; and "Super Crispy," a thin, flat type with a light and crispy texture.


Pizza stores can be searched for on the official website by zip code or by prefecture. It is also possible to search for nearby stores from a map using terminal information.

This is a convenient way to order pizza delivery or home delivery. Please note that some addresses may be outside of Pizza's online delivery area.

MY BOX -My Box-

A pizza set for one person that is perfect for lunch. Pizza, fries and nuggets are included in the box for easy enjoyment.

Pizza My Box

You can choose from 10 types of pizzas, including "Pizza Hut Margherita" and "Dusty Potato Mayo Sausage". Prices start at 756 yen for To go and 1,080 yen for delivery.

Not available at some stores.
Pizza dough is limited to "hand tossed" and half & half is not available.
* Additional toppings and minus toppings are not available.
* Not eligible for various coupons and discounts.
Delivery cannot be made with just one "My Box" at some stores.



Special Pack "Sumikko Gurashi Special Pack" is a collaboration set that includes newly designed goods every season. It will be available in limited quantities at all stores from November 1 and will end as soon as it is gone.

Pizza "Sumikko Gurashi Special Pack
Collaboration goods of Pizza and "Sumikko Gurashi

Sumikko Gurashi" is known for its slightly negative and surrealistic characters and stories that are not only cute, but also have the keyword "Koko wa ochimasu nante desu" ("This is where I feel at home"). This is the embodiment of the desire that many Japanese people have to be seated in the corner when they go to a cafe.

In this collaboration, you will receive a Sumikko Gurashi plate and an original sticker with each pizza.

Pizza "Sumikko Gurashi Special Pack
Sumikko Gurashi Special Pack



Dish The Sumikko Gurashi Dish is made of porcelain and is approximately 17 cm in diameter. Tonkatsu", "Cat", and "Lizard" are all getting along well with each other and sharing a pizza at a party.

Pizza "Sumikko Gurashi Dish
Sumikko Gurashi Dish



"Original stickers" are A6 size (approx. 10 x 15 cm) and also include "Shirokuma," "Pengin? Tonkatsu", "Cat", and "Lizard" are having a pizza party.

Pizza "Original Seal
original sticker



Special Pack "Sumikko Gurashi Special Pack" is a collaboration product between popular character Sumikko Gurashi and Pizza. This summer, you can purchase a glass glass with an original design for 220 yen in addition to the pizza of your choice. Limited to one set per pizza; available in limited quantities at all Pizza Pizza stores starting June 16.

Pizza "Sumikko Gurashi Special Pack

Pizza "Sumikko Gurashi Special Pack".

The design of the glass is based on the theme of a "starry sky walk. The new characters "Hoshi (Hitode?)" and "Hoshi's Siblings" will be on display. and "Hoshi no San siblings," as well as popular familiar characters such as "Shirokuma," "Toke," "Cat," "Pengin," "Tonkatsu," etc. Tonkatsu" and other Sumikko friends are depicted in cute scenes, eating pizza and carrying it impatiently. This item is only available at Pizza.

Summer Prime


Pizza "Summer Prime Quarter" and "Anchovy Olive Seafood".

The "Summer Prime Quarter" includes "Anchovy Olive Seafood," which features the delicious taste of Japanese kama-age shirasu and anchovies, "Cheese & Honey," which combines natural cheese such as Italian Gorgonzola with honey, "Mozzarella and Asparagus Bacon Pizza," a brightly colored "Mozzarella and Asparagus Bacon Pizza," and "Summer Prime Quarter Pizza. The "Pizza with Special Porcini Sauce," with its special sauce and creamy mascarpone, is available in four different flavors.

The "M" size (25 cm in diameter) is priced at 2,580 yen, and the "L" size (36 cm in diameter) at 4,120 yen, both available from June 16.

Anchovy Olive Seafood

Pizza "Summer Prime Quarter" and "Anchovy Olive Seafood".

The "Anchovy Olive Seafood," which is also available separately, is topped with Japanese kama-age baby sardines, shrimp, and squid, and finished with a special anchovy olive sauce.

The sauce is said to have the concentrated flavor and saltiness of anchovies, richly flavored olives, semi-dried tomatoes with moderate acidity, and extra virgin olive oil for an aromatic finish that goes well with the seafood. The M size is priced at 2,780 yen and the L size at 4,380 yen, and will be available from June 16.


Shrimp Mayo

According to Pizza, this popular flavor has been popular for over 20 years with the phrase "Ebi, mayo mayo, ebi mayo" since its launch in 2002. The shrimp fritters are made with plump shrimp wrapped in a fluffy batter, and the mayonnaise flavor that is spread on the shrimp, along with the richness, subtle sweetness, and sourness of the special aurora sauce, add to the rich flavor of the pizza. It is said to be suitable for people of all ages, from children to adults.

Pizza "Pizza Shrimp Mayo

The spring-only flavor "Salmon Cream Genovese" will be discontinued on June 15. It features a salmon filling made with smoked Atlantic salmon, fresh cream, lemon, and dill, topped with cream cheese from Azumino, Shinshu. It comes with a special Genovese sauce as an optional garnish and is priced at 2,780 yen for the M size and 4,380 yen for the L size.

Both menu items are subject to change without notice.

They will be handled from June 16. The price is 2,680 yen for the "M" size (25 cm in diameter) and 4,200 yen for the "L" size (36 cm in diameter).


Gurashi Special Pack

: A collaboration between "Sumikko Gurashi" and Pizza Pizza, a very popular product, will be available from March 3.

Pizza "Sumikko Gurashi Special Pack".

Pizza "Sumikko Gurashi Special Pack

The mugs and stickers include the well-known Pizza original goods such as "Shirokuma," "Pengin? The mugs and stickers feature an original design of Sumiko's friends happily making pizzas, with "ghosts" and "ebifurai no shippo" flying around in addition to "Shirokuma," "Pengin," and "toreo," which are well-known original goods from Pizza. The mug is made of ceramic. The stickers are A6 size (approx. 10cm x 15cm).

Pizza "Sumikko Gurashi Special Pack

Limited quantities and will end as soon as they are gone. The promotion is available at all Pizza stores. One set per pizza will be sold.

Butter Ch

icken Curry
Pizza "Butter Chicken Curry" and "Butter Chicken Curry Well-Balanced Quarter".

The "Butter Chicken Curry" features a mild and rich special butter chicken curry sauce and the delicious flavor of soft grilled chicken. The spiced oil base, in which whole spices are sauteed in oil to slowly bring out their aroma, is layered with the acidity of fresh tomatoes, the mild flavor of fermented butter, and the sweetness of sauteed onions. A total of 30 spices are used.

It is said that the rich flavor of spices and the mellow, full-bodied taste of chicken, creamy mascarpone, and butter chicken curry sauce all come together to create a delicious combination. The price is 2,480 yen for the medium size (25 cm in diameter) and 3,980 yen for the large size (36 cm in diameter), available for a limited time only starting on March 3.


Chicken Curry Well-Balanced Quarter

Pizza "Butter Chicken Curry" and "Butter Chicken Curry Well-Balanced Quarter".

The "Butter Chicken Curry Well-Baried Quarter" includes the "Butter Chicken Curry," "Mochi Mentaiko" with Hakata mentaiko (cod roe), "Fresh Tomato & Basil" with two kinds of tomatoes and basil leaves, "Three Meat Mix" with salami, sausage and mozzarella cheese. A total of four flavors are available on a single sheet.

The M size 25cm pizza is priced at 2,138 yen, while the L size 36cm pizza is priced at 3,402 yen, and will be available for a limited time starting March 3.


second Oni-no-Blade Pizza Pack

This limited edition pack includes one M-size original pizza with a character image, one acrylic figure with an original design, and a special sleeve. The second version of the pack features a new character design. Priced at 2,980 yen, it will go on sale on March 3.

Pizza Pizza Pack "The Second Oni no Kiri Pizza Pack" by Pizza Pizza

The original pizza is a quarter pizza, each of which consists of four character-inspired pizzas in one. Sumijiro's Charcoal Grilled Beef, which offers the flavor of juicy meat and the sweetness of sauce; Yoshiyuki's Seafood Italiana, with the rich taste of shrimp, squid, and scallops; Anjuro's Pizza Bulgogi, decorated with thread pepper like a burning flame; Tengen's Pizza, which offers the taste of various natural cheese The unique flavor of the "Cheese Lover". You can choose your pizza dough.

The acrylic figure is an original design only available at Pizza, featuring the image of the characters having fun working at the restaurant. There are a total of five types: Sumijiro, the manager and head chef; Yoshiyuki, the head waiter; Anjuro, the oven keeper; Kanawo, the waiter; and Tengen, the delivery person (the character cannot be specified). Approximately 10 cm in height.

The back of the special sleeve comes with a sugoroku (Japanese backgammon). You can enjoy unique themes based on the characteristics of the characters in the story.

Second Oni-no-Blade Pizza Pack Complete Set

Set of all five types of the second acrylic figure, one M-size original pizza, and a special sleeve. Priced at 6,800 yen; on sale March 3.

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