Ministop Delivery Exclusive "3 Kinds of Potato Set

Ministop Delivery Exclusive

Ministop offers "3 Kinds of Potato Set" and "Truffle-Scented Cheese Chicken" as delivery exclusive products. Prices are 1,300.32 yen and 370.44 yen (both including tax).

Three Kinds of Fries

Set This menu allows customers to enjoy three kinds of fries at once by combining popular fries (X Fries, Tokachi Hashed Fries, and Crispy Fries).

Ministop Delivery Exclusive "3 Kinds of Potato Set

Truffle-Scented Che

ese Chicken This is the "Truffle-Scented Cheese Chicken" only nugget of the "Truffle-Scented Cheese Chicken & Chips" that was sold at Mini Stop last year and was very popular. The chicken nuggets with truffle oil and cheese sauce are made with chicken meat and have a refreshing taste.

Ministop Delivery Exclusive "Truffle-Scented Cheese Chicken

The price is the price at the delivery counter. Some items may not be available at all stores. For menu, delivery area, order acceptance time, delivery fee, etc., please refer to each company's service application/website.