Lawson "GOOODOG Tomato Onion (with Jalapeno)" "GOOODOG Meat & Cheese"

Two "GOOODOG" products for early summer are on sale from May 12th at each Lawson store. The price is 298 yen (tax included).

"GOOO DOG" is a hot dog released on February 4th of this year (2020). It features a chewy sausage, and its length is so long that it sticks out of the bread. You can enjoy the crispy texture and juicy gravy. The total number of units sold in the two weeks from the release date to February 17 is about 2.6 million units, and two units are sold per second, and the cumulative number of units sold in the three months since the release is about 7 million units.

"GOOO DOG Tomato Onion (with jalapeno)" is characterized by its spicy taste for early summer. The relish of chopped onions and pickles is accented with spicy jalapeno powder.

Lawson "GOOO DOG Tomato Onion (with jalapeno)"

"GOOO DOG Meat & Cheese" uses meat sauce made from beef with a mellow texture. Melting mozarella cheese is used for the topping, and it is finished in a mild taste. The sour meat sauce with tomato paste is perfect for early summer.

Lawson "GOOO DOG Meat & Cheese"