Lawson Store 100 "Gabutto! BASCHEESE Burger"

At Lawson Store 100, the original dessert "Gabutto! BASCHEESE Burger", which is a sandwich of Basque-style cheesecake on cream puff, will be on sale. Available at stores nationwide from May 19th. The price is 214 yen (tax included) per piece.

"Gabutto! BASCHEESE Burger" is a sweet that combines cream puff and Basque-style cheeseburger. Basque-style cheese cake uses "BASCHEESE", which is popular as the original sweets of Lawson Store 100.

"BASCHEESE" is a Basque-style cheese cake that contains Australian cream cheese and you can enjoy both the taste of cheese and the flavor of eggs. It is topped with cheese whipped cream and sandwiched with a soft and light textured choux pastry. Cheese whipped cream is also included under the cheesecake, making it a perfect meal.

I want you to hold it in your hand and eat it vigorously! With that in mind, the product name is "Burger". It is a satisfying dessert that is particular about the taste as well as the impact of the appearance.

* Some stores are not available. * The image is for illustrative purposes only.