Takashimaya's "Producer Support Fair"
Support producers by buying and eating foods that have nowhere to go at "Takashimaya" mail order!

The department store "Takashimaya" sells about 30 kinds of foods such as vegetables, meat, fish, fruits, and milk that have lost their sales channels due to the closure of school and the direct sales site "Takashimaya Online Store". An initiative called "Producer Support Fair".

Due to the closure of commercial facilities and restaurants, and the closure of schools, there is a surplus of fresh food and milk that have lost their sales channels. Some of them have to be discarded, which has a great impact on producers and dairy farmers.

Takashimaya has started this "Producer Support Fair" to help producers with the aim of consuming ingredients that cannot be bought in the market and expanding sales channels.

The target foods are about 20 kinds such as "colored vegetable box", "meat (sirloin, fillet, cut off)", "fish (dried salt)" and "fruit". From May 6th, 11 kinds of "milk sweets" will be on sale. Sales are expected to continue to increase.

The main contents and prices are as follows. All notations include tax and shipping.

Takashimaya's "Producer Support Fair"
In addition to fresh food, milk sweets

■ Fresh food, fresh food colorful vegetable box B 12 types (5,400 yen)
・ Ibaraki Prefecture Ibaraki King Melon 2 balls (3,780 yen)
・ Japanese black beef (domestic) sirloin steak 160g (5.64oz) x 3 (8,316 yen)

■ Milk sweets ・ [Kitakari] Assorted milk karinto 85g (3oz) x 6 (3,240 yen)
・ [Patissley Yanagimura] 6 frozen polar bear sets of Yanagimura (5,400 yen)
・ [Cheese Studio Chikapu] 5 pieces of Chikapu cheese assortment (5,616 yen, scheduled to be sold after mid-May)