"Turnip pork soboro boiled" simple recipe

Here are three recipes for minced meat that were delicious when the En-eating editorial department actually made them. "Fir vegetable soboro regular vegetables" "Turnip pork soboro boiled" "Chicken soboro boiled egg". * Click each recipe name link to jump to the detailed recipe article.

Fir vegetable soboro regular vegetables

A simple regular dish using fir vegetables (radish leaves)! Introducing the recipe for " Fir green soboro regular vegetables ". The crispy texture and the savory taste go well together. It's delicious not only while it's warm, but also when it's cold!

Recipe for "Fir green soboro regular vegetables"

Turnip pork soboro boiled

Introducing a simple recipe for " Turnip pork soboro boiled " that is perfect when you want another dish on the table. Every time you chew, the elegant taste of the dashi stock oozes out. The elegant taste goes well with any other side dish. Please make it when you want another item on the table.

"Turnip pork soboro boiled" simple recipe

Chicken soboro boiled egg

Boiled egg menu that makes children happy! Introducing the recipe for " Chicken Soboro Boiled Eggs ", which is also recommended for egg consumption. Put it on rice and make it a bowl menu! The taste is not too strong, so it is also recommended as a snack for children.

"Chicken soboro boiled egg" recipe