Lawson "Matcha Terrine"
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Introducing new arrival sweets and sweet bread that will be on sale from May 5th at each Lawson store. Here are 5 items in the lineup of interest. * Handling status varies depending on the region and store.

・ Puru Shoan -Purumochi Chocolat & Anko-
A new sensation sweet that uses chocolate ganache and red bean paste with plenty of cacao beans and is bound with kuzumochi-style jelly. The flavor of red bean paste and the mellow aroma of cacao spread softly. The price is 180 yen (tax included, same below).

Lawson "Purushoan -Purumochi Chocolat & Anko-"

・ Matcha terrine
Terrine using Uji matcha with a harmony of astringency and aroma. It is finished so that you can enjoy the smooth mouthfeel and the rich taste of matcha. The price is 230 yen.

Lawson "Matcha Terrine"

・ Matino bread French bread of coffee
A rich coffee cream is sandwiched between flavorful dough using fermented seeds. A rich taste of coffee cream mixed with espresso type coffee powder and coffee concentrate. The price is 150 yen.

Lawson "Machino Bread Coffee French Bread"

・ Taiwanese donuts
Image of Taiwanese donuts eaten in Taiwan. The donuts are crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside, and are topped with condensed milk-flavored chocolate and powdered sugar. The price is 120 yen.

Lawson "Taiwan Donuts"

・ Uchi Cafe Japanese Fruit Sato Nishiki 80ml (2.71us fl oz)
A fruit popsicle made from Sato Nishiki juice and puree from Yamagata prefecture, which is a famous production area for cherries. We are particular about quality and contain 35% of domestic cherry juice. The price is 185 yen.

Lawson "Uchi Cafe Japanese Fruit Sato Nishiki 80ml"