Iemon Koiama and Iemon Kokoha

Suntory's green tea brand "Iyemon" will launch hot-sweetened products "Iyemon Koi Ama" and "Iyemon Koi Ama" on September 20, 2012, in 260g (9.17oz) bottled cans at an estimated price of 230 yen (excluding tax).

In recent years, there has been a growing need to enjoy a little luxury with familiar beverages and foods for the purpose of switching on and off in one's daily life. Against this backdrop, we have developed "Iyemon Koiama," a matcha latte that offers the luxurious taste of sweets, and "Iyemon Koiama," a cocoa beverage. In addition to the warmth of hot beverages, Iyemon Koiama provides comfort in the cold winter months with the sweetest and richest taste in Iyemon's history (compared to previous products).

Iyemon Koiama

Koiama is a matcha latte that combines matcha and green tea powder (approximately four times that of similar products from the company) with milk to create a rich and satisfying drink. Blended with several types of matcha, mainly domestically produced stone ground matcha. It has a sweet and bittersweet taste like matcha terrine, with a pleasantly lingering aftertaste.

Iemon Koi Ama

The name "Koi Ama" is a play on the words "strong" and "sweetness that makes you fall in love. The package design is reminiscent of a book with an obi sash, creating a taste for adults, and the green and white marble pattern expresses the rich taste of stone-ground matcha and the full-bodied milk.

Iyemon Kokoa

This cocoa drink combines cocoa powder (25% more than the company's similar product) and milk to create a full-bodied drink. The rich chocolatey flavor with a hint of ganache and the addition of hojicha, carefully selected by Fukujuen's tea masters, gives the drink a sweet but not sticky aftertaste with a multi-layered aftertaste.

Iemon Koi Koi Koi Ama

The name "Koi-Koi-A" is a play on the words "dark" flavor, "sweetness that makes you fall in love" and "cocoa. The packaging is based on a book motif, with a brown and white marbled pattern depicting rich cocoa and full-bodied milk.