Korean glue made in the microwave
"Korean seaweed" that can be used in various dishes can be easily made at home. Just chin in the microwave with 3 ingredients!
Material ( For 1 person )
Grilled seaweed Appropriate amount
salt Appropriate amount
Sesame oil Appropriate amount
Korean seaweed salad

"Korean seaweed" has a rich flavor when used as a topping for cooking. In fact, it's easy to make at home. Just chin in the microwave with 3 ingredients!

◆ Material

Appropriate amount of grilled seaweed Appropriate amount of salt Appropriate amount of sesame oil Appropriate amount

You don't have to measure the amount in detail. You can make your favorite amount with your favorite seasoning.

◆ How to make

1. Cut the glue to a suitable size.

2. Using the back of a spoon, apply sesame oil evenly to the glue.

Nori and Nissin sesame oil
Sesame oil at home is OK

3. Sprinkle salt all over.

Nori sprinkled with salt

4. Heat in the microwave (600W) for 1 minute.

Nori in the microwave

5. Turn the glue over and heat it for another minute, and when it's crispy, it's done.

Freshly made Korean seaweed is really good to eat as it is. It has a savory and salty taste. Great for snacks.

Handmade Korean glue

◆ Arrangement

Mix shredded radish, carrots, green onions and other vegetables with finely chopped Korean seaweed, and dress with sesame oil, chicken broth soup, and garlic tube. The fresh sweetness of the vegetables is entwined with the exquisite saltiness, so you can eat as much as you want. Every time you chew the glue, the fragrance will come out to your nose. It is also good that the glue is crispy at first, but it becomes moist with water.

Korean seaweed salad

The arrangement is endless, such as wrapping it in rice balls and cheese, and topping it on kimchi. If you remember how to make it, it will be a big success in your home cooking.