"Chicken curry stewed around" revived in Matsuya

Beef rice, curry, set meals, and other bowls of "Matsuya" (excluding some stores) will re-release "Korokoro Stewed Chicken Curry". Limited time offer from 10am on April 7th.

Stewed chicken curry

The menu was sold for a limited time and was well received. The refreshing taste of the original curry, which contains several kinds of spices, is finished by adding chicken thighs that have been juicy baked on an iron plate. The rugged chicken response is attractive.

The price is average 590 yen and large serving 690 yen. Curry and hamburger curry are 600 yen each, and 700 yen for a large serving. All with miso soup. It is also possible to set raw vegetables for an additional charge of 100 yen. (All prices include tax)