Hishinuma Farm's "Apple Honey & Almond" and "Momo Honey & Black Pepper" popcorn

Fukushima "Hishinuma Farm" fruit-flavored popcorn

Fukushima Prefecture is home to many delicious fruits such as peaches and pears. Hishinuma Farm in Fukushima City sells a rather unusual fruit-flavored popcorn.

The flavors are "Apple & Almond," "Apple & Banana," "Momo & Black Pepper," and "Momo & Coconut.

These popcorns are made with apple nectar and peach nectar, which are derived from the juice of ripe whole apples and peaches. The nectar contains no seasonings or additives. It is made by simmering it for a long time, removing the scum, and taking the time and effort to prevent it from burning.

Hishinuma Farm's "Apple Honey & Almond" and "Momo Honey & Black Pepper" popcorn

The popcorn is available in four varieties: apple nectar & almond, apple nectar & banana, peach nectar & black pepper, and peach nectar & coconut. The price at the souvenir shop is 650 yen per piece.

Hishinuma Farm's "Apple Honey & Almond" and "Momo Honey & Black Pepper" popcorn

Tasting the "Apple Honey & Almond" popcorn

The popcorn covered with fruit caramel made from honey and butter is crispy and light to the touch. The sweet and sour taste is just like eating an apple. This is the first time I have ever felt "fruity" after eating popcorn! It is full-bodied, yet refreshing without being bland. The savory almonds give the popcorn a taste that you will never get tired of.

Hishinuma Farm's "apple honey & almond" popcorn

Tasting "Momo nectar & black pepper

The rich finish is reminiscent of melting ripe momos. The sweet aroma that escapes your nose will soothe you. The black pepper is a bit more pronounced on the tongue. The spicy aftertaste is more surprising than expected. The alternating sweet and spicy tastes are addictive. I didn't know momo and black pepper could go so well together!

Momo nectar & black pepper" popcorn from Hishinuma Farm

Apple and peach popcorn can be purchased at souvenir stores in Fukushima, as well as at Hishinuma Farm's online store. You can also buy just the apple and peach molasses. Why not enjoy the refreshing taste of these fruits?