"Announcement Puccho" in collaboration with Hiroko Ichihara

Saeko : Do you know Hiroko Ichihara, a contemporary artist?

Konzaki: The "Ichihara Hiroko Koi Mikuji" with words that stick in your chest is famous, isn't it?

Hiroko Ichihara love fortune
At Nunose Shrine

Saeko : Yes! I found "Puccho", a collaboration between Hiroko Ichihara and Puccho. Word art is written on individual wrapping

"Announcement Puccho" in collaboration with Hiroko Ichihara

Konzaki: I've been having a lot of trouble lately, so why don't you try it like a fortune teller?

"Announcement Puccho" in collaboration with Hiroko Ichihara

Saeko : Then I'll talk about future romance ...

"Happiness is right in front of you."

"Announcement Puccho" in collaboration with Hiroko Ichihara

Saeko : I cried. I've been dented lately, but happiness has come right in front of me.

Konzaki : Please live strongly. Then I'm also in love ...


"Announcement Puccho" in collaboration with Hiroko Ichihara

Saeko : Maybe this is a rare individual wrapping?

Konzaki : Even though I have the luck to pull rare from the first shot, it's exhausted.

Saeko : Try pulling it again


"Announcement Puccho" in collaboration with Hiroko Ichihara

Konzaki : I have no choice but to laugh. It's getting fun, so I don't care about future romance

Saeko : Don't say that, eat puccho and cheer up. It tastes sweet and sour oranges

"Announcement Puccho" in collaboration with Hiroko Ichihara

Konzaki : There is an orange gummy inside. I like this crunchy texture

Saeko : Let's see other word art while eating

Konzaki : "I like both of them." …… This is the one that is common in youth manga.

Saeko : Oh, something has begun again

Konzaki : Yuto from the soccer club and Shiori from the badminton club have been in the same class for three years in high school. Although I often go out to play in a mixed gender group, I rarely meet alone, and although I had a faint love for each other, I couldn't take the important step. I'm afraid to break my current relationship

Saeko : Where did Yuto and Shiori come from?

Konzaki : One day, the two of them happened to be selected as the executive committee members of the school festival, which is the last of their high school life. "It's hard to take the exam, but it's tough." "It's the last school festival, so let's make good memories!" "It's the last time I've been able to spend time together like this," he said, quietly biting his sad feelings.

Saeko : The word "cultural festival executive committee" is already emo ...

An empty classroom at school

Konzaki: I'm working alone in a classroom with nobody. Shiori asks Yuto, "Do you have a favorite person?" Hiroto nods. "What about Shiori?" After being a little worried, "I have, but I don't have the courage to confess, because I'm sure he's a friend of mine." Shiori

Saeko : Yeah yeah

Konzaki : "... I see," Hiroto shuts up. Awkward air flowing between the two. (I should have said it. I should have kept it hidden until graduation.) Shiori concentrates on the work at hand while cheating on the blurred vision. So, after the work was finished, Hiroto said on the way out of the classroom and silently heading to the entrance to go home.

Saeko : What?

Konzaki : "But ... I'm the only one who thinks so, and unexpectedly" that guy "may have the same feeling." "Eh", Shiori stops. A small pink wrap that was thrown at the same time as Yuto, who was a few steps ahead, looked back. When I gently opened the palm I caught in a hurry, the thrown "Puccho" had the words "I like both of you."

"Announcement Puccho" in collaboration with Hiroko Ichihara

Saeko : Yu, Hiroto ~~ !!!!!

Konzaki : Hiroto smiles at Shiori, who raises his face vigorously, saying, "When the school festival is over, I'll say it properly. From me." Shiori nods with a smile, holding "Puccho" in her hand. As mentioned above, the BGM in the brain was "Kimi ni Todoke" of "flumpool".

Saeko : A blockbuster than I imagined

Konzaki : It's a delusion since last year's " Calpis Summer Limited Package ", so I was overwhelmed.

Calpis Summer Limited 100th Anniversary Special Package

Saeko : "There are so many things we can do." What kind of story is this?

Konzaki : Nagi had dreamed of becoming a painter from an early age. The parents lamented, "You can't eat just the pictures," and the teacher shrugs, "Isn't it a hobby?" A number of "talents" that you will meet at an art school that has gone beyond them. When I was a child, I should have been happy just to be able to draw, but as the world expands, I can see my own limits.

Saeko : That's the hardest guy

Mixed paint and brush

Konzaki : Even if I draw it, I can't make a convincing one. "This is no good", "I have to make it a better work", "I can't do it". Gradually, I don't even know what I wanted to draw. "Let's give up everything and go back to the countryside." When I am vaguely thinking about the canvas that has been left white, I suddenly hear the laughter of the child from the outside.

Saeko : It's really real

Konzaki : Looking down from the window, you can see children scribbling on the road with chalk. Cats, railroads, monsters, flowers. While flirting and watching them run the chalk freely, the feeling of the time when they were having fun revives in the calm. I didn't care about anyone's eyes, I remembered those days when I just enjoyed drawing

Saeko : When you grow up, you forget the fun feelings.

Konzaki : Nagi grabs the brush that was thrown on the table. Gaze at the white canvas and slide the first brush vigorously. At the feet of Nagi, who is absorbed in drawing, there is "Puccho" that says "There are a lot of things you can do." As mentioned above, the BGM in the brain is "I have to do something I can't do" of "Sambomaster".

"Announcement Puccho" in collaboration with Hiroko Ichihara

Saeko : "It's a decent life." , What is this?

Konzaki : It's okay to get a job with a dream, but I'm assigned to a different department than I hope. Unfamiliar work. Grumpy boss. A colleague who goes ahead. It's as if the harder you work, the more it spins. "I wonder if I'm not suitable for this job," Takeru, a new member of society, grumbles on the bench while picking up canned coffee and sandwiches bought at a convenience store.

Office worker sitting on the bench

Saeko : It's a path for many new members of society

Konzaki : Every day I work hard while pretending to be invisible to the two letters "change of job" that sometimes flicker in my mind. One day, an unexpected accident occurs in the case in charge. After following up hard and getting things done, the business partner tells me. "I'm really glad you were in charge. Thank you for your continued support." Takeru puts his strength into his right hand, suppressing the emotions that spring up.

Saeko : Takeru did his best

Konzaki : After finishing one job, when I was ruminating the words on the usual bench, my boss came and sat down next to me. Give the canned coffee to Takeru and light the cigarette, "Well, that's not bad." With the coffee I received in one hand, Takeru took out "Puccho" from his pocket instead of smoking a word, "It's a decent life." "Maybe that's right," answered Takeru, throwing "Puccho" into his mouth. By the way, the BGM in the brain is "Ashita ga arusa" on the "Ulfuls" cover.

"Announcement Puccho" in collaboration with Hiroko Ichihara

Saeko : That's how you become a “cool adult”. No, it's soaked in my heart

Konzaki : I've been delusional, but I think there are as many ways to receive it as there are people and worries.

Saeko : You can take your time alone with the words that come out, or you can have a good time talking with your friends.

Konzaki : There are 30 types of individual wrapping + rare, so it seems that you can meet various words.

"Announcement Puccho" in collaboration with Hiroko Ichihara

Saeko : Can I just pull one more at the end? About future eating ……

"There are so many things we can do."

"Announcement Puccho" in collaboration with Hiroko Ichihara

Konzaki : Certainly. Let's continue to write lots of fun articles!

Saeko : Thank you for your continued support.